“….. it is important to face each birth like a bull, with full force, no fear or hesitation, with the attitude that you can do this and you aren’t going to hold back. This is your opportunity to remember your power as a woman, inhibitions not allowed” – Barbara Wolcott

What is a doula?

Having a birth companion present during labour and birth has been traced back to prehistoric times in many cultures around the world. That is a what a doula is, a birth companion. A birth companion who is full of knowledge and experience. 

The art of women passing down knowledge has sadly been lost over the generations as society has changed. Therefore women are not as educated (in fact often we’re grossly misinformed) about childbirth as we ought to be. Again, this is where a doula comes in, we share our knowledge, experience and resources with you so that you are educated, prepared and confident for your upcoming labour and birth and journey into motherhood.

A doula will hold space for you so that you can have the birth you envisioned. We will help you discover that inner warrior, feminine energy that you will tap into during labour like all the birthing women before us.

Birth is a life changing event physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and I am honoured to be given a chance to support women through this rite of passage.

Benefits of having a doula

  • Less likely to have any interventions (including caesarean section)
  • More likely to birth vaginally and with fewer complications
  • Less likely to request pain relief medication
  • Studies have shown women who have a doula present during labour and birth may have a shorter labour
  • Overall higher satisfaction rates with labour, birth and postpartum experiences
  • Feel safe and supported during pregnancy, labour and birth and beyond
  • Provide you with up-to-date relevant information and resources
  • Educate you so that you are confident and prepared for labour and birth
  • Provide techniques (physical and mental) that you can apply during labour to ease pain and discomfort
  • Educate your birth partner and provide them with techniques to support you
  • Advocate for you
  • Continuity of care
  • Studies have shown the mother-baby bond after birth is stronger if a doula supported the woman during pregnancy and labour

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